Optimising productivity in a post-pandemic hybrid world, in partnership with Accruent


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25 April 2024


Post-pandemic, with new thinking around work and its location, there’s an opportunity for workplace and facilities management (WFM) to ensure organisations better leverage people, place and technology in and out of the office, improving organisational performance and productivity.

In pursuit of this opportunity, the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) teamed up with software solutions provider, Accruent, to produce ‘Optimising productivity in a post-pandemic hybrid world’. The report marks the culmination of several research initiatives, including the Return on Workplace Investment (ROWI) report, two initial webinars exploring the post-pandemic workplace, interviews with a small number of workplace practitioners – and more.

Brimming with practical advice and actionable ideas on enhancing performance in today’s conditions while building resilience for the future, the research delves into the fundamental importance of people to the productivity equation. Individual performance is the basis of organisational performance, and the performance of a workplace is in large part assessed by what it means for individuals. It is only right therefore that the key themes and recommendations contained in this report revolve around employees, since engaging with and motivating employees are critical tasks for businesses seeking to optimise productivity.

Additionally, the report includes recommendations for both WFMs and functions outside of WFM, including senior management, HR/people and culture, internal communications and information technology. The end of the pandemic provides a timely moment to look afresh at workplace plans.

Speaking on the report’s launch, IWFM’s Head of Policy & Research Sofie Hooper said, ‘While the pandemic caught virtually all organisations off guard, the quick transition to hybrid working and the post-pandemic period have given us an opportunity to better measure, analyse and improve workplace productivity. Through comprehensive polling combined with in-depth research, we hope to offer organisations effective original research on post-pandemic productivity, highlight the key challenges at work and insights which can influence strategy.’  

In response to the report’s launch, Accruent’s Vice President Sales, Workplace Solution, EMEA & APAC, Accruent and Service Channel, Lisa Del Percio said, ‘Post-pandemic, organisations need to adapt to the reality of hybrid working, minimising the challenges while realising the great opportunities on offer. Through this report, we aim to highlight tangible steps that organisations can take to help their teams collaborate better, become aware of the specific challenges the research raises and ultimately enhance productivity to optimise business outcomes.’  

25 April 2024

Optimising productivity in a post-pandemic hybrid world

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