#TheFutureIsHybrid LinkedIn poll: 92% want to do some work from home in future – are you prepared?


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21 April 2021

Hybrid Work

Almost all respondents in a poll we carried out on the IWFM LinkedIn account want to do some work from home in future, with only 8% saying they do not want to work from home at all. From the 745 responses, 53% signalled a preference for one-to-two days of working from home, 31% selected three-to-four days and 9% want to work from home full time.

These results follow last week’s launch of the findings from our ‘Returning to workplaces’ time-series research. Amongst the many compelling statistics, it was revealed that almost half (47%) of office workers would search for a new job if they weren’t offered more flexible working options by their employer. This rises to two-thirds (66%) for 18-24-year-olds. These stats evidence a clear risk to employers: lacking a flexible working strategy could harm your ability to attract and retain talent – especially younger workers.

The social media polls form part of our #TheFutureIsHybrid campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the evident paradigm shift in the UK’s attitudes towards ways of working, as revealed in our research; and provide guidance and resources on how to make the transition to a new, flexible workplace strategy.

We can help you make the move to hybrid working

Our ‘Creating better workplaces’ hub in partnership with Ricoh has several guidance notes and other resources that will help you to create your new workplace strategy. Find out more by clicking here.

Join the workplace conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter

Next week we will return with another poll based on our ‘Returning to workplaces’ research. Get involved and join the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter using the hashtag #TheFutureIsHybrid.