Leading workplace and facilities
management professionals

The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management (IWFM) is the pioneering body for workplace and facilities management professionals. 


Advancing our profession since 1993

We are here to drive change. To extend our profession’s impact beyond the built environment and unlock its potential value to business and society.

The IWFM is a community of over 17,000 workplace and facilities management professionals. We share best practice and knowledge with the profession and support our member’s professional development through internationally recognised, regulated qualifications, short courses and training.

What we do

We initiate meaningful change and empower our members to influence the profession's future. We also underpin the professional standards for the workplace and facilities management profession.

For professionals

Let us assist your professional development and help you work towards a rewarding career.

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For employers

Advance your employees with our qualifications and short courses tailored to your business.

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For suppliers

As a supplier you can work with us to offer your products and services to our members and develop your workforce.

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How we operate

The Institute is directed by the Board; they delegate overall responsibility for the day-to-day running of the Institute to the Executive team. 

The Board's prime responsibilities are strategy, risk, the monitoring of performance, and legal compliance. It delegates the day to day running of the Institute to the Executive under the chairmanship of the CEO.

The IWFM Board consists of up to 13 members of the Institute, six of which are volunteers who must be a Qualified Member; for example, a Certified, Member, Fellow or Honorary Fellow of the Institute. All members of the Board are registered with Companies House as non-executive directors of the Institute. 

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The Audit & Risk Committee’s main role is to advise the IWFM Board on matters relating to the external audit; risk management and internal controls assurance; the integrity of financial statements; the findings and recommendations of any investigations requested by them and to deal with any similar matters as the Board may direct.

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The purpose of the Awarding Organisation Committee (AO) is to support and provide the Board with assurance and independent judgement that the AO remains compliant with the general conditions/principles of regulation as stipulated by the regulators, and to add value and guide the Awarding Organisations directorial / management in achieving its remit within our strategy and business plan. 

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The Constitution & Ethics Committee’s main role is to provide the Board with advice on the governance of the IWFM and its subsidiaries, to review the Constitution and propose any amendments to the Board, and to ensure that there is a robust process in place for the handling of complaints against members.

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The current makeup of the Executive is as follows: Chief Executive Officer (Executive Chair), Insight Director, Head of Finance and HR. For information on the department heads, please see 'Our team' below.

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The Members' Council role and purpose is to help direct, engage with and ensure good communication with and between our Regions and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and to help form our research agenda. Its membership comes from the major areas of activity and influence within the Institute.

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This group is primarily responsible for contributing to the review and formulation of strategy in relation to the Membership for consideration by the Board, and in the administration of governance matters in relation to the Membership.

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The purpose of the Nominations & Remuneration Committee is to provide a formal and transparent procedure for remuneration of the Institute’s chief executive.  Developing policy on remuneration for the CEO and executive directors and ensuring that the performance of the CEO is reviewed.

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Our team

Explore the team that oversees the day-to-day running of the Institute.

Linda Hausmanis
Director of Insight
Chris Moriarty
Head of Finance
Catherine Gowers
Head of Governance
Donna Duckworth
Head of Professional Development
Fraser Talbot
Head of Policy
Sofie Hooper
Head of Research and Insights
Peter Brogan


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Code of Professional Conduct

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Call for Volunteers

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Useful documents

IWFM Articles of Association Approved June 2019

IWFM Privacy Policy Published Feb 2019

IWFM Code of Professional Conduct Published June 2018

IWFM ByLaws Tables Adopted July 2016 - Rebranded

IWFM ByLaws Adopted May 2017 - Rebranded