74% could look for a new job without offer of flexible working options: #TheFutureIsHybrid LinkedIn poll


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05 May 2021

Hybrid work

The latest stage of our #TheFutureIsHybrid campaign has shown that 74% of professionals could look for a new job if their employer doesn’t offer them more flexible working options in future. This came to light via a LinkedIn poll we ran last week, which was inspired by findings from our ‘Returning to workplaces’ time-series research.

The LinkedIn poll asked, ‘If your employer did NOT offer more flexible working options in future, would you search for a new job?’

Of the 352 professionals who responded, 36% said they would search for a new job, whilst 38% said they would seriously consider it. Only 9% said they would not search for a new job and 17% said their employer already offered flexible working options, such as choosing when and where they work.

In March, our ‘Returning to workplaces’ research showed that nearly half (47%) of UK office workers would search for a new job if they weren’t offered more flexible working options by their employer. This rises to two-thirds (66%) for 18-24-year-olds.

As evidenced by both our research and the poll, there is clearly a strong sentiment amongst a large proportion of UK office workers; strong enough that employers risk losing many of their people if they do not act on the clear preference for hybrid working.

We can help you make the move to hybrid working

Act today to avoid being left behind. Our ‘Creating better workplaces’ hub in partnership with Ricoh has several guidance notes and other resources that will help you to create your new workplace strategy. Find out more by clicking here.

Join the workplace conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter

Next week we will return with another poll based on our ‘Returning to workplaces’ research. Get involved and join the conversation on LinkedIn and Twitter using the hashtag #TheFutureIsHybrid.