Get moving on sustainability: a campaign for change


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17 August 2023


Human activity is changing our climate and each week the existential threat grows more alarming. If we are to avoid catastrophe, we - the Institute and our profession - must work together and act now before it’s too late.

Today, we are launching ‘Get moving on sustainability: a campaign for change’. It represents a call to our profession and a challenge to the sector to accelerate action on sustainability.

As a workplace and facilities management professional - the lynchpin to driving sustainability outcomes in organisations and bringing together the needs of the landlord, end-user, and supply chain - you are critical to delivering a better, healthier, more sustainable future.

And as your Institute which exists to empower you to have a fulfilling, impactful career, we are here to support you in being the change we all want to see, and that the world needs you to be.

Join us on this journey and play your part in advancing the sustainability agenda and achieving key outcomes by:

  • having your say in our industry-leading research
  • upskilling with our new sustainability courses
  • utilising our resources and insights.

Take part in the IWFM Sustainability Survey 2023

The IWFM Sustainability Survey is back with a fresh approach and renewed focus. This year, we ask for only 10 minutes of your time to share your thoughts and experiences on two key issues: net zero planning and investment strategy.

This is your chance to have your say. Click here to find out more and complete the Survey before it closes on Friday 15 September. Your responses are anonymous.

NEW - Upskill with our sustainability courses

Develop your knowledge and equip yourself to advance the agenda with our three new sustainability courses for FMs of all career levels. These courses are delivered by IWFM expert Trainers who tailor the content to highlight the unique role and agency FMs have in driving and attaining sustainability.

Environmental sustainability skills for facilities workers
This concentrated one-day course provides a practical introduction to environmental sustainability, ensuring that frontline workers are equipped with the knowledge and understanding to make a positive difference within their organisation or with customers. Find out more.

Environmental sustainability skills for facilities managers
This two-day course supports managers and supervisors in understanding their role within environmental sustainability and the impact it has on their team and department. The course enables learners to contribute to improving the environmental performance of their organisation and is ideal for rapidly upskilling teams and those who oversee operational objectives. Find out more.

Pathways to net zero for facilities managers
This two-day course provides supervisors and leaders with guidance on best practice in response to the climate crisis, and strategic and operational overviews of environmental sustainability as it affects their industry and work area. Find out more.

Bookmark our Sustainability hub and access resources

Our regularly updated Sustainability hub contains a variety of research, guidance and knowledge resources, plus the latest insights, all available free for our members. We are constantly developing new products, but here is a selection of what you can access right now.

NEW report on ‘The role of FM and building services in achieving net zero and energy efficiency’ in partnership with Mitsubishi Electric

Gain expert insights and practical tips on changing approaches to energy efficiency and challenging traditional thinking on investment costs and returns by clicking here.

‘Net zero toolkit’ guidance in partnership with Inenco

Learn how to develop a holistic sustainability strategy and hit your targets by clicking here.

‘Navigating a change energy landscape in the transition to net zero’ report in partnership with Bryt Energy

Learn how to create a net zero plan and get buy-in from the Board by clicking here.

‘Harnessing the power of data’ in partnership with Planon

Learn the value data can bring to your work and the practical things you need to consider when trying to make better use of data by clicking here.

Resources coming soon

Scope 3 emissions tool

We are supporting SFMI and BAM FM in developing an FM standard for measuring and managing Scope 3 emissions – those created by your supply chain. This is expected to be available later this year.

Energy management good practice guide

In partnership with Carbon Numbers, we are updating our guidance on energy management and incorporating the need for net zero as an overall factor to consider in all that FMs plan, check and do. This is due for release in the autumn.