What is it about?

This qualification comes in several sizes – Award, Certificate and Diploma – depending on your requirements. It focuses on developing strategic skills and knowledge so that you can plan and deliver plans that underpin substantial change or development while exercising broad autonomy.

  • Learn how to plan, strategise and drive change
  • Understand how to analyse and address complex problems
  • Develop skills required to take responsibility for change
Is it for you?

This qualification is designed for senior facilities managers that are responsible for areas including planning and strategy for governance and risk, financial performance, sustainability and procurement.

How is it assessed?

All our qualifications are assessed against clear learning outcomes. Assessment tasks are practical and work-based, reflecting real-life scenarios, ensuring you can apply your knowledge when managing.

How is it delivered?

Choose a recognised centre. Depending on your centre, you can study face-to-face, attend evening classes, via distance learning or online.

Mandatory and optional units 


Level 6



Recognised centres 

We have recognised centres throughout the UK and the world. Choose a centre and take the first step to your future career.


College of Central London

Delivery method

Evening, Day, Distance

Learnmore Network LTD

Delivery method

Blended, Online

Portobello Institute

Delivery method


Quadrilect Limited

Delivery method

Day, Blended

University of Bolton (RC)

Delivery method

Day, Blended

University of Gloucestershire (RC)

Delivery method

Day, Distance, Blended

Xenon Group

Delivery method

Distance, Blended


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