Our short courses can move you
in the right direction

Workplace and facilities management is ever-changing; it can be difficult to keep up. Stay on top of your profession with our short courses.

Short courses

New to team leadership? Looking to enhance contract performance? Want to deliver a better customer experience? Our short courses are the perfect way to top-up your professional knowledge and upskill.

  • Advance your career with sought-after skills
  • Learn anywhere, anytime with our online courses
  • Develop your team and grow together

Are they for you?

We have courses for professionals at all levels, including introductory courses, management courses and role-specific courses, such as procurement and strategy.

What are they based on?

All our courses are based on the Workplace and Facilities Management Professional Standards, which benchmark all competencies within our profession.

How are they delivered?

You can study online directly with IWFM Academy or attend one of our face-to-face courses. We even create bespoke courses for employers to deliver in-house.

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