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Workplace and facilities management is ever-changing; it can be difficult to keep up. Stay on top of your profession with our short courses.

Short courses

New to team leadership? Looking to enhance contract performance? Want to deliver a better customer experience? Our short courses are the perfect way to top-up your professional knowledge and upskill.

  • Advance your career with sought-after skills
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Are they for you?

We have courses for professionals at all levels, including introductory courses, management courses and role-specific courses, such as procurement and strategy.

What are they based on?

All our courses are based on the Workplace and Facilities Management Professional Standards, which benchmark all competencies within our profession.

How are they delivered?

You can study online directly with IWFM Academy or attend one of our face-to-face courses. We even create bespoke courses for employers to deliver in-house.

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Flexible courses, supporting how you study

Prefer to study at home at your own pace? Learn better in a class? We have short courses for every type of learner.

Attend a class

We host hundreds of training events every year. Take a day or two to attend one of our face-to-face courses and learn in a group with like-minded professionals.

Learn anytime

This is self-paced learning that fits around your schedule. It's a flexible option that lets you develop your skills to progress in your career without disrupting your other commitments.


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Essentials of Workplace Leadership

This course is ideal for experienced or aspiring workplace professionals who want to learn more about the organisational importance of workplace,…

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Making Better Workplace Decisions Using Data

This course is ideal for experienced or aspiring workplace professionals who want to improve their understanding of how to collect and use…

Learn more

Leading Successful Workplace Change

This course is ideal for experienced or aspiring workplace professionals who want to learn more about the processes of change and equip themselves…

Learn more

Creating Better Workspaces

This course is ideal for experienced or aspiring workplace professionals who want to have more informed, evidence-based conversations and improve…

Learn more

Selling Your Workplace Vision

This course is ideal for experienced or aspiring workplace professionals who want to be able to communicate the value of workplace persuasively…

Learn more

Maximising Value from your FM Data to Encourage Lean Principles

Responsible for your business’ processes or data management? This course will teach you how to turn your data into insight to support business…

Learn more

Improving the Customer Experience

Any member of your team can help to improve the customer experience. This course will teach you quick, cheap and easy ways to improve your…

Learn more

Managing Security and Protecting Your Assets

Develop your understanding of security management with this course. It will provide you with insight as to what happens when your business’…

Learn more

IOSH Working Safely

This course is designed for anyone looking to gain an understanding of health and safety. It will provide you with a full understanding of your…

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IOSH Managing Safely

This course is designed for managers and supervisors. It will get you up to speed on the practical actions you need to take to handle health and…

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Involved in business strategy and want to find out more about generating and implementing new ideas? This course is for you. While studying, you…

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Grammar and Effective Writing

If you're not confident in your writing skills, this course will help you to understand the rules and conventions of writing and allow you to…

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Presenting Numerical Data

You may work with numbers every day, but do you know how to communicate numerical data to others? If not, this course is for you. It will give you…

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Presentation Skills

Often expected to present your ideas to your team or clients? Never stood in front of a room of people? Then our Presentation Skills course is…

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Building Personal Resilience for Professional Success

This course will help you to build resilience so that you can better deal with obstacles and cope with change. You will learn to harness the…

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Managing Workload

Always working to tight deadlines? Does your 'to-do' list seem never-ending? This course is for you. Whatever your role, workplace and facilities…

Learn more

Communication for Professional Success

In a world where emails, texts and tweets are sent without a second thought, effective communication has never been more important. If you're…

Learn more

Introduction to Facilities Management

Are you new to workplace and facilities management? Changing careers? This course will provide you with the knowledge and basic skills required to…

Learn more

Introduction to Financial Modelling

If you're involved in finances and budgeting within your organisation, it's crucial that you understand how to build robust and relevant financial…

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