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Operational space planning

Design and use space effectively to improve customer experience.

Effective property management

Understand how to manage and maintain your property portfolio with an effective property strategy.

Essentials of workplace

Improve your understanding of workplace and its business value, and become a workplace leader.

Professional skills for career success

Fast-track your career by understanding your behaviour, improving relationships, and planning your next steps.

Grammar and effective writing

Polish your grammar and writing skills and get a grasp of punctuation and word choice, plus more.

IOSH managing safely

Ensure your team's working safely with our practical step-by-step guidance.

Introduction to financial modelling

Robust and relevant financial models are essential to making good business decisions. Find out how to create them.

FM strategic sourcing: ISO41012

Find out how strategic sourcing can reduce costs, improve quality and deliver better outcomes.

Introduction to facilities management

Everything you need to know about workplace and facilities management as a new career path.

Selling your workplace vision

Understand how to convey the importance of workplace in a compelling and engaging way.

Managing security and protecting your assets

Find out more about implementing an effective security strategy and how to mitigate risk.

IOSH working safely

As an employee, how are you responsible for your health and safety in the workplace?

Innovation in FM

Boost your organisation's performance with innovative thinking and strategic planning for the future.

Effective facilities management professional

Discover skills, knowledge and techniques required for you to create and sustain effective operations.

Leadership and management

Understand how to lead and manage change, and how to develop and encourage innovation.

Introduction to facilities management

Gain an understanding of the profession on a basic level to see whether you want to go further.

Black belt negotiation

Negotiating is about getting the best deal possible. But how? Find out in this practical course.

Managing workload

Always feel like you're swamped with work that's never-ending? Find out how to manage.

Managing flexible and remote teams

Find out how to effectively manage flexible and remote teams, outsourced contracts and multi-site operations.

Creating better workspaces

Explore the role workspace plays in organisations and develop knowledge about workspace design.

Presenting numerical data

You may be a data whizz, but is your audience? Explore how to best communicate numerical data to all audiences.

Preparing Your Organisation for ISO 41001

Understand what changes you need to make to comply with the latest standard and get accredited.

Leading successful workplace change

Understand and develop the practical skills and confidence to successfully lead people through workplace changes.

Communication for professional success

Is your communication landing? Improve your skills to drive both professional and personal success.

Time management, delegation and organising skills

Sharpen your time management, delegation and organising skills to improve productivity.

Building effective business relationships

Get the knowledge and tools you need to develop positive and productive business relationships.

Introduction to team leading

Discover the PIER Model and find out how to lead your team to success.

Successful outsourcing through collaboration

Build valuable collaborative partnerships and understand how to manage contracts and supply chains effectively.

The effective FM professional

Are you a junior facilities manager? Find out how to create and sustain effective operations.

Managing building services

Reduce risk and improve the management of your building services.

Mental health first aid

Learn how to identify, understand and help someone that may be experiencing a mental health issue.

Building personal resilience for professional success

Have trouble dealing with challenges and change? Find out how you can be more resilient in the workplace.

Facilities management strategy

Find out how your business strategy impacts facilities services and understand how to evaluate and improve it.


Find out how to generate innovative ideas, select them and manage risk when applying them to your organisation.

Maximising value from your FM data to encourage lean principles

Find out how to turn your data into revenue and create further value for customers.

Making better workplace decisions using data

Develop your understanding of the role data and critical thinking can play in creating better workplaces.

Behavioural insights into workplace

Understand how insights into human behaviour and decision-making can help to create better workplaces.

Digital technology in workplace

Understand the significant influence of digital technology in creating better workplaces.

Presentation skills

Beat the nerves and polish your presentation skills when delivering to a room of people.

Contract management: commercial models, KPIs and SLAs

Got a failing contract? Learn how you can put it back on track.

Improving the customer experience

Get to grips with customer types and relationships, and how to improve the rate of customers returning.